21 Mar, 2022

How to Make Customized Keychains As a Promotional Giveaways Items

What was the last time you lost your keys?

Hey, it happens to be great for us… perhaps more often than we would like to admit! Customized keychains can make your valuable keys easier to keep track of, whether home keys, work keys, car keys are all of the above. Also, they are fun ways to show off your personality and make something different and attractive mundane feel a little more you.

So if you’re searching for a fun, low-cost way to give back to your beautiful and valued employees or customers also… look no further than customized keychains! These keychains are lightweight, they’re genuinely useful.

Since personalized printed keychains are rather inexpensive, starting with low prices, they make an excellent product for promotional giveaways items. They’re beautiful as a freebie thrown in with select online orders, a gift for customers who reach a certain order threshold, an employee appreciation gift, or even a prize for giveaways items.

No need to DIY or custom keychains to sell or give away – after all, you’re busy enough already! But you do not have to resort to giving generic wholesale keychains. With that, you can create personalized custom keychains for promotional items as a giveaway gift, with the help of our convenient online tool. All with no minimum order quantities, endless customization options, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

To create high-quality customized keychains, all you have to do is:

  • Find a Perfect Manufacturer

  • Select Your keychain Type

  • Customized Your Keychain

  • Design Your Desirable Keychain

  • Approve a Sample of Your Keychain

  • Sell or Give Away Your Keychains

We’ll walk you through exactly how to create customized keychains, step by step.

Find a Perfect Manufacturer

DIY is fun and all… but when it comes to creating complex products like customized keychains, you’ll save a whole lot of time and likely end up with better, more products if you outsource production to a great manufacturer. It’s possible to create beautiful customized items for a very low price all from the comfort of your home! But with so many different types of keychain manufacturers out there, your task is to find a reliable one that offers great value.

Select Your keychain Type

Next up, select which type of keychain you would like to create. The type you select will affect the look, functionality, and price of your keychain as well as the customization options also available to you, so choose wisely! You’ll have 3 types to choose from:

  • Embroidered Keychains

  • Metal Keychains

  • PVC Keychains

Customized Your Keychain

Once you have selected your keychain type, select how many pieces you’d like to order, it’s time to start making it your own! Exact customization options vary depending on the type of keychain you’ve already selected, but you may be able to customize these keychains.

Size – Choose the length and width of your custom keychain.

Style – Choose a design on one or both sides.

Colors – Choose how many different colors you’d like to incorporate in your keychain design.

Design Your Desirable Keychain

Now, it’s time to present your keychain designs! If you have already sketched out a design, simply submit it as a PDF, JPG, or other file format type. (Even if it’s hand-drawn or scribbled on the back of a napkin!) You can also add additional notes(lines) about your artwork if you’d like.

Approve a Sample of Your Keychain

Our in-house experienced design team will take whatever direction you have provided and create a mockup of your custom keychain. Then, they’ll send over a physical or photographed prototype for your approval of the keychain. If all looks perfect, say the word and we’ll move forward with production! If it does not look quite good, send detailed feedback and we’ll tweak it until it’s perfect.

Sell or Give Away Your Keychains

This is the fun and surprising part! Once you’ve approved the final design, you will receive your keychains shipped for free within your timeline, then you can use them for promotional giveaways to make your customers happy.

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